Emails & Activities now unavailable to Guest users

Has access to emails & activities been removed for Guest users?

My guest users are all receiving the following message when trying to access Emails & Activities

“only account members can access emails & activities”

Reply from support ticket:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing in! Max here and ready to assist 👋

Indeed, we have recently made a strategic decision to limit the visibility of Item view center apps for guests and viewers to reinforce the safety and security of our users’ data.

The change is permanent, and only members will be able to see E&A, Quotes & Invoices, etc.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you need anything else!

Kind regards,

Wow - surprising they would make this change without announcing it somewhere. Thanks for the heads up!

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Yes, only fix is to elevate Guests to Member level. Conveniently doubling our annual subscription amount.

I wonder if safety and security were their only reason for this change…