Emails & Activities - Select members must be able to send emails without being board owner

“Emails & Activites” - Anyone assigned to the job or item should be able to send an email, not just board owners.
I have a team of estimators who should not have full access to most fields or columns, but they absolutely need to be able to send an email out to whoever requested the estimate, as well as be able to tag other team members within the email. It defeats the purpose of the Email option if only board owners can send them, as multiple people may be assigned to an item or job and they may need to communicate with people outside of our account

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Hey Vito!

I just wanted to check that no privacy or sharing permissions are getting in the way of team members sending emails via the app?

You can check out this article for more information on how the settings work → Emails & Activities: sharing and privacy

Let me know :pray:

We currently have a general admin email that we use, externally, to send emails from our team. This general admin email is also one of our User slots in, and is an Admin and Board Owner.
I’d like the members of our team, who are not admins but do get assigned tasks, to be able to send emails using the Emails & Activities tab…preferably from the generic group email address but showing who sent it.
Example: John Smith is a team member. He needs to ask a question of someone outside the organization. He should be able to access the Emails & Activities tab (as he’s a member of the team AND is assigned as the team member on that task) to send an outgoing email. The “From” line in the email should say “ (sent by John Smith)”

That said, if the only way to do this is to have each member sign up for Emails & Activities using their own email address, fine. The problem is, I tried to do this and couldn’t get it to work. It told me i didn’t have the correct permissions…and I specific permission to allow members to send emails under the admin section.