Emoji characters disappear

I’ve created an app that provides a board view and writes text into a board text column. The text includes emoji characters which are visible in the text column, but disappear when the user navigates away from the board and then back to the board. The app uses the change_column_value mutation to set the column text.

Example board text as copied using Chrome dev tools after the app writes to the text column is as follows:

<span class="text-content">🙂 Level 4: Multi team lead</span>

To reproduce this problem:

  1. Install the Roobrick app using this installation URL.
  2. Following this video to have the app update a text column programatically with emojis in the text.
  3. Navigate to the main table to verify emojis in the text column being updated.
  4. Navigate to another board.
  5. Navigate back to the original board.

Expected result.

At step 5, the board still displays the emojis. e.g. 🙂 Level 4: Multi team lead

Actual result:

At step 5, the emojis have been stripped from the text. e.g. Level 4: Multi team lead

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Hey there @Roobrick :wave:

Thank you for providing a detailed and step-by-step description of what you are working with, and the result that brings you! I really appreciate your approach here.

To be transparent with you, this is rather related to the way our platform processes Emojis in columns at the time. It’s a somewhat strange behavior and I definitely understand how it would be counter-intuitive, but I’m afraid not all emojis are supported to be used in columns. From what we could tell after testing, only certain emojis are supported, and they have to be <3 bytes. Usually, this means that the unicode value for them is less than 7 characters.

I’ve just tested the exact Emoji you’ve provided and it did disappear for me after refreshing within the column values of a Text column, but it seems to like the Long Text column enough to stay there:


To make this a little easier for you to work with, here is a resource that shows all of the Emojis supported in column values:


That said, we do get questions and feedback about this quite frequently and I’ll pass your case as another instance where our users would benefit from a better Emoji support within the platform overall.


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I would add that having support for a greater amount of emojis would be a useful and fun feature.

One of the great things about Monday is how visual it is and it would be great to add a bit of personality to each of our boards. Full support of emojis would help us do that. Using them in group names and column titles would also help our team quickly understand the purpose of the different board components by adding that visual indicator.

I would love to see this supported in a future update.


I agree. Would be nice to have full emoji support through the whole Monday platform…