Emojis for Docs

I think this can be a small doable change but I believe the Workdocs/Monday docs needs an upgrade in the emojis available to choose from. I usually have to go to a update bubble find the emoji and then copy it and then go back to the doc and paste it there.

So either add the same ones from the update bubbles or if you can add a search option to search it and allow it to populate the options.


Hello @rosaly,

You can use Emojis in workdocs. For Windows, Windows Logo + .
For Mac Command + Ctrl + Space

I tried the one with windows and it opened the magnifier… could it be something else? I even read this thread: Monday.com for Creating and Managing Emojis

I’m using Windows 11

Actually just found the options in Settings > Personalization for the windows pop-up. For my computer it was the Windows logo + ;

Thanks for the help to at least be able to look for it better. I still think they should do a search field like it’s available in the update bubbles.

yes please! Clicking my imaginary Vote button (where did it go?)

Note to self: do NOT click Windows logo plus the + plus ; It blows up the screen!!! If you do, don’t panic: click the Windows logo plus the - plus ; It will restore :wink:

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this is a year later so not sure if you figured it out by now but this is already a feature. You just type colon and continue typing your search term and the results will populate below!

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Hey Katie, welcome to the community! thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know they had that option. I’ve been doing the windows ; option since last year :rofl: