Enhanced In-App Help Integration in Monday.com | Deep-link Directly to Specific Functionality

Hi Monday Team,

I would like to propose an enhancement to the platform that would greatly improve user experience and streamline support interactions. My suggestion is to incorporate contextual “?” icons throughout the application, allowing users to access relevant help content without leaving the platform. This feature would empower users to quickly find assistance and reduce the need for support inquiries.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the requested improvements:

In-App “?” Icons: Integrate “?” icons strategically within the application’s user interface. These icons should be placed in locations where users often require guidance or clarification on specific features or functions.

Contextual Help Content: Upon clicking the “?” icon, an intuitive pop-up or sidebar should appear, displaying relevant help content for the exact topic the user is exploring. Users can access text-based explanations of functionality, making it easier for those who prefer reading.

Video Tutorials: In addition to textual explanations, I suggest providing the option to include short video tutorials within the in-app help. Not all users learn in the same way, and offering both written and video resources would cater to diverse learning preferences.

Deep Linking: When a user clicks the 'main" “?” icon (top right), the help content should deep link directly to the relevant area of the application. This means that users will not be directed to the beginning of the online help, eliminating the need for manual searches and saving valuable time.

Benefits of this feature request:

Improved User Experience: Users can access help content instantly, promoting a smoother onboarding process and reducing frustration.

Decreased Support Overhead: By enabling users to find answers on their own, the support team’s workload can be significantly reduced, leading to more efficient customer service.
Enhanced Product Adoption: Users are more likely to explore and adopt new features when they can easily access guidance within the application.

Implementing these enhancements would not only benefit current users but also attract new customers who value user-friendly platforms with readily available support resources. I’ve implemented this for two companies I’ve worked at, and it was a major win for both.

Thank you for considering this feature request.