Error changing status column based on label

Hey Guys!
I’m trying to update status column via API using the label instead of the ID (I saw that it is well documented in the new API docs)…
the problem is that it’s not working…

this is my query:
var query = {
query: mutation ($board: Int!, $item: Int!, $column: String!, $value: JSON!) { change_column_value ( board_id: $board , item_id: $item , column_id: $column, value: $value ) { name } },
variables: {
“board”: boardId,
“item”: parseInt(itemId),
“column”: columnId,
“value”: JSON.stringify({
“label”: “Owner Review”

this is the response:
{ error_code: ‘ColumnValueException’,
status_code: 400,
error_message: ‘change_column_value invalid value’,
{ column_value: ‘{“index”=>{:label_index=>16}}’,
column_type: ‘StatusColumn’ } }

I tried to use Ids to match the color numbers but I saw that you have “color mapping” which makes the color-id match inconsistent

hey @nitaybz,
it’s a bug on our end due to recent changes. we will fix it!
in the mean time you can query the status indexes by using this query:

boards { 
    columns { 

hey @nitaybz, just letting you know the bug is fixed!
you can now use labels to change status column value again

It works!
Thanks a lot!