Establishing a playbook for how your team agrees to use - what do you think? what have you done in the past?

Hi folks,

I’m a partner with a question to the broader community using this fantastic platform for their teams and organisations: have you defined your ‘ways of working’ in for your teams and people?

While the tool itself is incredibly easy to use with great UX/UI, any change is a challenge. I believe that setting a solid foundation of the “do’s and donts” and creating a playbook for ‘how we use’ really benefits teams as they adopt the platform and new ways of working.

I’m keen to hear from this group:

  • How important is this to do with teams as you start out?
  • Have you talked about this with your teams? Is this a recurring conversation where you revisit your playbook?
  • How did you go about setting these rules for ways of working on Monday? A shared project board of ‘conventions’ in your playbook?
  • Do you have a template that you’ve used? Share below

Looking forward to hearing back!

Von Fehily
Think Design Work

Keywords: Rules for Working, Conventions, Etiquette, Ways of Working"