Excel Export of Board with Connected Boards

I am currently using 12 different boards to track project management, workflow, and budgets for 12 individual projects. I want to be able to pull total costs from all 12 boards and found that doing an additional Projects Overview board that mirrors the timeline, status, and total cost from all item from each of the 12 boards. It works really nicely (other than the fact that I had to manually select ALL items from each board).

I want to be able to export the Overview board, specifically the total costs column to excel to be able to quickly link it to budget funds pulls from our internal systems. However, when I export to excel, the mirrored total cost column is empty! How do I get those numbers to export to the excel file?

hi @Kcanario

Yeah… mirror columns has their own limitations. That why we created the Rollup Multiple Boards app (see monday.com: Apps Marketplace). You don’t have to select all items as the app will take care of that and the good news is that the high level (Overview) board does not have mirror columns at all. The app aggregates data from the lower level detail boards and put the information in normal monday columns.