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Hello everyone,

I saw there was a post from 7 months ago regarding how to integrate excel into Monday with automatically updates. It seems like there is no such an application to do it in an easy way.

@JCorrellyou have mentioned that you developed a workbook “API Monday”. Could you help to understand how this works? Is this something I can do it myself? I am taking the advanced building certification and I would love to try it out.

Thanks for your support.

Norma Osorio

Hey @norma0485, probably the easiest way to do this is to use Zapier.
Zapier will pull information from your spreadsheet when a row is updated and then change column values in Monday.com based on that data change. Here is what the Zap looks like:

@tanner_elevate - Anything you’d add here?
@norma0485 - Feel free to reach out on the forums or at greg@elevateops.io if you have any questions!

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@norma0485 Greg is exactly right - Zapier allows you to play with the API and integrate with something like Google Sheets without having to actually code anything :+1:

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Sorry for the delayed response. Still getting caught up.

What I think that you are referring to is an app that I created in Microsoft VB for doing formatting of exported monday boards. Depending on exactly what you are wanting to accomplish there are many ways to implement something like that. As mentioned by the other posters, Zapier is one option if you are looking for something simple. For more advanced processing, I recommend Make. See: What is Make & How can it help you with monday?

Of course, you could also go the full programming route using Python, JS or other.

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Hi guys,

You may try our Smart Spreadsheet for monday app.

You’ll be able to import an existing board to the spreadsheet, then work with the data using all the Excel-like features (cell formulas, pivot tables, filtration, conditional formatting, etc.) and export your board (modified or not) to the xlsx file.

Hope it may partly help your case (at the moment we don’t support the auto update option for the imported board but this feature is on our roadmap).

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga, Stiltsoft