🚀 Exciting News! Automating Dropbox Folder Creation with Monday.com and Make.com📂

:tada: We’re thrilled to announce a new automation that will streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration: automatic Dropbox folder creation triggered by new item creation in your Monday.com board!

Here’s how it works:

1)When a new item is created in your Monday.com board, Make.com will spring into action.
2) We’ll duplicate a Dropbox folder and allocate it to the year folder corresponding to the date of creation. For instance, if you create an item today (April 5, 2024), the folder will be placed within the “2024” folder in Dropbox.
3)The name of the new folder will match the item name, ensuring clarity and consistency across your projects.
4)Finally, we’ll add the link to the newly created Dropbox folder in the designated “Link” column (ID link) of your Monday.com board.
This automation eliminates manual tasks, minimizes errors, and keeps your team organized and focused on what matters most: achieving your goals!

:mag: Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to innovate and empower your team with seamless integrations.

:rocket: Cheers to efficiency and productivity!:tada:

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