Expanded support for additional column types during import

I wanted to create a new thread because the old one (Support additional column types in import and document which types are supported) did not seem to get much traction.

It would be awesome if the import feature was more robust and could support more column types. Specifically, “Long Text” and “Checkbox” (booleans) would be what I need, but others have indicated others as well. Basically, there are a handful of column types that it feels like should be handled gracefully, but are not.

The motivation here is that we do a lot of importing from customer documentation to start managing customer requirements and other “living documentation” within Monday. Currently, the extra headache with creating random weird data types, changing column types (which does not always work for me), and having to manually enter data that is not natively supported add hurdles for us when trying to onboard new projects into Monday.

tl:dr the limited column type support makes it harder for us to bring existing work and documentation into Monday.