Exporting Dashboards into Reports/ Word/ Excel for a reporting pack

Hi There,

I am trying to get information we have in monday.com into a board reporting pack. I was hoping to get dashboard style information into word or excel, but not one graph at a time, copying images as there is alot of information to be extracted from monday.com.

I have tried using monday.docs to try build reports including widgets, however it is very clunky, especially when you are drawing large amounts of data in terms of loading times and then it hangs and is not reliable when exporting to pdf. it is also not great on formatting with maximum field size limitations as to what can be seen, that often are limiting with formatting, and cutting off data in tables etc… Monday docs is also very clunky with widgets as you have to start each widget afresh, you cant duplicate and change settings as you can dashboards.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

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Hello @MK1 :wave: ,

I am positive our team at thespelas.com can help you out. At thespelas.com we’re an Official and Authorized monday partner with over 5 years of individual experience on the platform and extensive experience in designing and implementing customized solutions that are tailored to each business’ goals.

I assume exporting your dashboards in a PDF file is not suitable for you? While I believe we haven’t encountered this particular case before, I’m confident we can research and find a solution that will allow you to export your dashboards in the format you need. We’ll work towards achieving your desired outcome!

Please do schedule a Free Consulting Session with us here so we can better discuss your specific case and requirements! Alternatively, if none of the available time slots work out for you, please contact us at info@thespelas.com so we can do our best to accommodate you.

I sincerely hope our services can be of use to you :slight_smile: !

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Giannis Koukounas, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com