Exporting data - issues

Hi Monday.com,

Some requests on the Export function:

  1. Allow users to select whether “Updates” should be included on export.
  2. Allow unbranded exports to .xlsx
  3. Allow export to .csv
  4. Maintain column structure from the the export is made from, not the main board structure.

Many thanks,


  1. The export function does have an option to “Export Table” vs “Export Table With Updates”. If you export “… With Updates”, it adds this to a separate tab. Can you clarify how you want updates represented?

  2. Yes! I’d like this too.

  3. Yes! I’d like this too.

  4. I’m guessing you’re talking about if you use filters or hide column, you don’t want that in the export? If so, I agree with that too.

Hi Aaren,

  1. Export function is not consistent. The option to Export w/out updates is only available when exporting from the main menu (horizontal ellipsis) button. See images below.

  2. Not only with filters. I’m using board views to change the column structure of the board, so data is contextualized for the user. Hidden columns are not included, but on export the column structure from the main board is maintained.



Ah… on the group and view level. Got it. I agree the feature is inconsistent. I’d also like to see it operate the way you’re requesting.

At the very least, labeling doesn’t make it easy to understand that’s the default function until you’ve toyed with it. If the feature isn’t expanded, it’d be better to say “Export Main View” or something so at least the user has the right expectation of the outcome.

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Hi Aaren, thanks for the reply. The export with/without updates is annoying, but I find the inability to maintain column structure very frustrating.
I hope Monday.com remove their branding, allow exporting as .csv and unlocked files and reduce the font sizes as well!


I agree to all of this, particularly the column formatting. The rest is a bit cosmetic.
I DO like the fact that you can do a search, reduce the list and export THAT list, not the entire list of pulses. A great start!

Dear Monday.com did you have a chance to look at this? I think a lot of people would second this.

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I second the proposals in here, especially:

  • removing the monday-ad-banner from the excel
  • formatting “long text” columns different to small status columns

I lose much time, when i need to export monday tables to excel, because i have to format it in postproduction, to make it readable for others.


Yes! Remove the banner from exports!
Also, we have to constantly make the font size and cell sizes more uniform and then have to add all the boards as different tabs in the same sheet. It’s not a big deal with one board, but when there are several that have to be done right before the meetings (so that they are as up to date as possible) it becomes tedious. If there was a way to export all boards as different tabs and pre-set formatting it would make life easier.

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9 months later, wondering if anyone has had a chance to acknowledge this or perhaps provide us with a workaround?

I would much prefer a customisable export -> remove monday branding, and perhaps auto format it to portrait instead of landscape.

Kind regards,

Power automation is a clunky way to do that methinks