Export to Excel

When I export my board to Excel all the columns to not export.

Hi @lkimberlin :wave:

Are you able to share which column types are not coming across?
Feel free to drop me an email directly via peta@upstreamtech.io

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Peta - upstream

Hi @lkimberlin :wave:

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Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Excel export - we’d love to take a closer look :smile:
As @peta mentioned, if you could share with us some more details on the columns that do not pull across, this would be hugely helpful!

If you’re able to share a screenshot of your board too, that would be great! Feel free to blank out any sensitive data or create a mock board for us to take a look at.

Once I have a little more information I’ll be able to do a deeper dive into this and we can go from there!



Here is a screenshot from Mon.com and a screenshot after I exported to Xcel.
I also have an issue with a column sort on the columns called City & City/County. I used to sort and it would work. Now I sort and they don’t alphabetized.

Hey there! Sorry for the late response here! Just wanted to check in on this and see if you’re still having issues with the Excel export and sorting. Let us know if so at support@monday.com and we can figure this out together.