Extend trial with account slug instead of account Id

Hi team,

I feel it would be better to input Account Slug in the monetization section for extending the trial or offering a discount instead of Account Id.

The slug is more easily accessible to customers as it shows up in the browser url, and I believe there should be a 1 to 1 mapping between account Id and the slug.

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Hello there @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Thank you for the feedback!

I have created a request for this :grin:


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Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow ,
Could you tell me please where your can find your Account Slug as a simple user?
I mean not with the help of API and webhooks.

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The account slug is in the url.
For example, abc.monday.com, the slug is abc


@kolaai ,
Thank you so much! Got confused by the names, thought that it should be another type of hash or smth. :sweat_smile:


Thank you @kolaai for the help here!


I swear this is one of the fastest turnarounds on an improvement, since this was announced like 10 days later.

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That’s a useful enhancement!

I have a semi-related question.
Now we have switched entirely on the monetization, but we have several users with a paid plan which has been activated offline (for demo purposes, in bundle with professional services we offer, etc.).
For these account, there’s a mismatch between the plan we have activated and what they see in the Billing section (basically the free tier).

Is there a way to sync the plan tier with monday?

As a workaround, I tried to grant a 100% discount on these accounts, but the customer still needs to add a payment method, which is something not possible for some enterprises.

Any suggestion?

@Matias.Monday Throwing my support in here that we need a method to just grant an account a specific plan for a period without them having to enter a payment method and complete the purchase for those who want (or require) invoice billing (or if monday could provide an invoice billing option for apps and just handle that for us?)

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Answering my own question, yesterday an API mutation was announced to grant trials of specific plans for up to 365 days to up to 5 accounts at the same time.

There is a post in the marketplace builders only community section on it: https://community.monday.com/t/new-mutation-to-provide-multiple-trial-extensions-via-the-api/67932

It is missing documentation on one key fact, which I am assuming is a requirement to use the dev account token to make the request (because to be able to do it with a customers token seems really weird). I haven’t had time to test it. Below is the link to the documentation.

@rob would this be able to let you code for your backend to bump the external monetized customers to extended trials (since you can set specific number of days) which work?

Only consideration is typically you can’t grant a trial to an account thats paid before with monetization so I could see some limits here too.

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Thank you @codyfrisch .
Unfortunately this doesn’t fit our needs.
We do not have a trial option.
Basically we need to activate a monthly/yearly paid plan from API or dev backend.

What I’m wondering is if the API call works on any plan and makes any plan act as a trial for whatever period is desired. So while it shows as a “trial” it behaves as an arbitrary activation.