Extract Sub-item ID/Link from API


My company implemented some sub-items connecting one item column from one board to another.
The API retrieves the following:
“title”: “Contact”,
“type”: “board-relation”,
“text”: “”,
“additional_info”: null,
“id”: “link_to_item5”,
“value”: “{“linkedPulseIds”:[{“linkedPulseId”:154982536}],“changed_at”: “2020-03-29T10:20:24.898Z”}”

Is there a method to connect or lookup from one board extraction to the other?


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I ended up parsing out the the linkedPulseId and match it as the item ID from the other board

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Hey @gilbi, awesome! This is how our platform does it too – we look up the other item’s data using the item ID.

We’re also working on adding support for adding subitems via the API. Stay tuned!