Extract Sub-item ID/Link from API


My company implemented some sub-items connecting one item column from one board to another.
The API retrieves the following:
“title”: “Contact”,
“type”: “board-relation”,
“text”: “”,
“additional_info”: null,
“id”: “link_to_item5”,
“value”: “{“linkedPulseIds”:[{“linkedPulseId”:154982536}],“changed_at”: “2020-03-29T10:20:24.898Z”}”

Is there a method to connect or lookup from one board extraction to the other?


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I ended up parsing out the the linkedPulseId and match it as the item ID from the other board

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Hey @gilbi, awesome! This is how our platform does it too – we look up the other item’s data using the item ID.

We’re also working on adding support for adding subitems via the API. Stay tuned!

Note that using the API to query subitems through the column value will not 100% work for every item. For a few items I receive less subitems than there actually are