Extracting Details from Item Name

We have a customer who was trying to extract the ITEM Name for below two use cases.

1st Use case:
ITEM : PO 8500103776 (Apple Pvt Ltd)
Desired Output Needed:

Column1 = 8500103776

Column2 = Apple Pvt Ltd

2nd use Case : -
ITEM : Payment for Google Pvt Ltd - $311520.00
Desired Output Needed:

Column1 = Google Pvt Ltd

Column2 = $311520.00

our customer has tried to use the following:
First: REGEXEXTRACT({Name},“^(.?)\s")
Last: REGEXEXTRACT({Name},".
\s(.*)$”) but this is only extracting the first and the last.

We wanted to know how to modify the above formula or probably a totally a different one to cater to above two use cases.