How to split the text on a new item?

We have an integration that brings in contact info from Facebook
The name appears as an Item - Xxxxx Yxxxx (X being the first name and Y the surname)
i.e. Bob Smith

Is there an automation that can split these text strings up and put them into a separate text field column for (i.e. “Bob”) the First Name and another field (i.e. “Smith”) for the Surname



There is no automation to do that. Here are 3 options:

  1. Use Make/Integromat.
  2. Use General Caster app (in the marketplace).
  3. Use formula columns (examples below).
    First: REGEXEXTRACT({Name},"^(.*?)\s")
    Last: REGEXEXTRACT({Name},".*\s(.*)$")

Thanks @JCorrell
This worked really well and solved this for me
Much appreciated

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