Extreme difficulty in creating GitHub integration

I already installed both GitHub on Monday and Monday on GitHub, gave the proper permissions to Monday on my GitHub organization and when I set everything up on monday integration, when I try to add the integration I can’t select the organization as it says: Select an organization first.

There is no proper documentation for this at anywhere, no one talking about this, nothing, it is really frustrating to know that the developers of this did not think of adding a simple documentation so we can get it started.

Hey Daniel – thanks for posting here! Sorry that it’s been a frustrating experience for you.

I was not able to reproduce this behaviour; I tried setting this up on a fresh account and was able to go through the whole authorization flow.

Basic question: are you adding an organization by clicking the little Github icon first?

If that doesn’t work, can you share a screenshot or video of what you’re doing and where you get stuck?

If you’d prefer to send the screenshots via a private channel, we can chat over a support ticket. Ping us at support@monday.com and we’ll get you sorted!