Facebook Login URI Block

Hi Monday Team,

My team is trying to build an integration between Monday and Facebook which requires Facebook login. We get the following error when we put our project’s URI to Facebook Apps:

I tried looking at responses in FB Dev Community , but it seems that many developers face this issue…

We see that Monday has a Facebook Ads Integration and wanted to seek help from anyone that worked on that integration to help solve this issue as the Facebook authentication process that we would like to implement for our app is similar to the one in the Facebook Ads Integration.

Thank you for your time.


It seems like a solution would be to redirect the localtunnel URL to a custom URL Localtunnel documentation as my custom domain smartsocial(dot)xyz is accepted by FB (see image).

I am using the Slack Integration Code Sample and would like to redirect the localtunnel URL to my custom domain. I am using Namecheap to configure my DNS settings.

Has anyone been able to redirect their localtunnel url to custom domain?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Hi @yizucodes!

Apologies for our delay in getting back to you, we’ve been a bit busy these past few days.

It sounds like you would need to be hosting your code within your domain. I don’t think that our in-house developers ran into this issue because they would have been utilizing monday.com servers and domain names which I’m assuming would not be considered malicious.

Might this be a better question for Facebook support?