Feature Request: Automation Recipe condition for if a Dropdown "is empty" or "does not contain" labels


In the screenshot it shows the three options available for a conditional statement on a Dropdown column: “contains all”, “contains one of”, and “contains only”.
We should also have the option for when the Dropdown “does not contain all”, “does not contain one of”, and “is empty”.

My use-case is for input validation. If a user doesn’t select something from the dropdown, but changes the status to “Done”, I want the automation to change the status to “Incomplete”.

So, my pseudo-recipe would read: “When Status changes to Done, and only if Dropdown is empty, set Status to Incomplete.”

There’s many more use-cases for this and more columns that should be supported.
It’s my opinion that the conditional options on a recipe should always include an “if true” and “if not true” option where possible.