Automation if dropdown empty

Is there any way to create an automation that uses the following logic?

If dropdown is empty > Update Status
If dropdown is NOT empty > Update Status

We have information coming in through a form which includes a question about legal flags. If any of the legal flags are selected, we need the “legal review” status to update to “Required” and if no legal flags are selected we need the status to update to “Not Required.” I can get the effect of “if dropdown is NOT empty do X” by setting up:

If dropdown contains any of (select all possible values) > Update status

But this means that if we ever add any other values to the dropdown list the logic will immediately break if we don’t remember to go in and actively add the new value to the automation logic. And I have not been able to find a way to tell the automation to act only if the dropdown is empty.

If I create a formula column I see that there is an option to include the count value of a dropdown field, but formula columns cannot be used in automations.

Is there any way to accomplish this?


The Column Magic app has a set of recipes that will update a status column based on selected columns being empty (or not). This recipe might work for you.

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