Feature request: popup for integration


I noticed the new popup that appears when an automation is activated:

I’m curious if there’s an option to implement something similar for integrations.
Currently, the only option for notifications with integrations is the create_notification API call, which may not always be the most suitable way to notify a user.


Hello there @Roy,

As of today there is no other way to create a notification for a user for when the user is utilizing a custom recipe from an app.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


+1 on this feature.
Please put it in your to-do list @Matias.Monday :grinning:


Hello everyone!

I have added your votes for this :grin:

Add me as well.

The ability to provide feedback of what an integration is doing is super useful for customers. Without it they don’t have any real assurance their workflow steps have completed - or are in process without going into integration activity.

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Hello there @codyfrisch added it!