Feedback form send on status change

Hi everyone, I’m looking to have a feedback survey form send via an update to the item on the board when a service desk ticket status updates to complete. I would like to be able to reference the ticket that the feedback relates to without the user manually typing it in.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

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Hey Wally!

Charlotte here from the monday team! Just to confirm, are you looking for the completed survey form to appear in the Updates Section?

If so, you could use a custom automation like the following and then select all of the fields/columns shown below to fill out the information from the form in the item update.

While it won’t be a PDF copy or anything of the completed form, you’ll be able to include all of the information from the form (since it comes into the board as an item and has filled out the columns with its own information) in an update once the status changes.

What do you think about this? :blush:

Hi @CharlotteK , that’s not quite what I was after. Having the feedback visible in the updates is fine, given the permissions on the board.

Here’s how I have it set up:

  1. Team member completes an item on Board A, updates status to complete
  2. Automation to run when status = complete to send an update to a person asking for feedback on that item. Update is asking them to complete a survey form from board B, and I’ve mapped the Item ID to that text and asked for that in the form
  3. Form from board B asks for the item ID from the email update.

What about if I created the feedback rating and feedback text columns as visible to board owners only and created a second form on board A and then when status = complete it sends an update with that second form link and then only have those 2 columns available in the form? Would that work?

What I did to somewhat achieve this was use the match automation. How this works is when the ticket is set to done status, after a day, an update is sent to the requester asking them to fill in the feedback survey, the notification has pre populated the item ID from the request, asking the recipient to enter that into the form. They complete the form, enter the item id from their notification email. Then the survey lands in a private board, matches the item ID and then mirrors the info from the ticket like requester, assignee, completion date.

  • Auto ID on the board where the ticket is.
  • added a new text column on the board where the ticket is.
  • Update recipe to pass the generated ID to the text field
  • When status updates to done, set the survey date to today, then push date by 1 business day
  • When survey date arrives, send notification to requester with the survey form URL
  • On the survey response board, when item is created, connect the item where Item ID matches
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