Fetch all boards in a list

I’m trying to get listed all boards

{ boards { name id } }

results only 25 boards

{ boards (limit:1000) { name id } }

will result 1000 boards

is there any way to get all boards ?

Hey @abcsoftzino.com :wave:

That’s a great question!

Just to clarify, do you seem to have more than 1000 boards within your account? It seems to me like the simplest way (maybe not the best one) to do this would be increasing your limit to a high enough number, as I’m not sure if we have an exact variable within the API that would indicate the total number of boards within your account. Does that make sense?


Hi, Alex your answer make sense.

Let me share my requirement:
I’m working with such a project there are SQL tables and those tables are synced with Monday boards. If any changes made on Monday that will reflect on my SQL;

So I would like to do this by a service which will list all boards at a certain time, if any board that exists in the SQL but not in the Monday board list response then delete that board.

Yes 1000 is a big number but that does not satisfy the all. I need all boards or if there is another suggestion from you please!


Thank you for clarifying what you are looking for here!

I am afraid I do not have a ready solution I can share right away, but it does seem like you would be able to set something like that up by using pagination logic within your code directly, as we do have a page argument within the API:

While this is not a strictly monday.com API guide, perhaps this can be a helpful pointer?

If I do find anything that was tailor-made for our GraphQL API, I will add it to this thread too :slight_smile:


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