Fetch Column ID to use General Caster mirror column recipe

I am using General Caster recipe to cast formula in mirrored column that requires me to type the ID of the mirrored column.

I followed these steps but I am not able to fetch Column ID can Any one help.

If you don’t see it, enable Column IDs displaying by following the steps below:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon on bottom left;
  2. Click on monday.labs menu;
  3. Activate Developer mode .

@ShwetaES Welcome to the community!

Am I understanding your issue is that you can’t find the Mirror Column name to choose in your General Caster Formula?

General Caster works slightly different than Monday so you don’t actually need the Column ID, its inputted into the formula as the name.

For example if your mirror column is called Mirror, you should see an option in the formula builder in General Caster that is called Mirror and it will show up as {item’s Mirror} in the formula. I think, but am not positive, that long column names get abbreviated somehow. So best to just find your column in the formula builder and choose it there.

If you can’t find it there, can you share a screenshot of your formula builder column options? For reference this is what I’m talking about:

On this board, Status Per Item(see button towards the bottom) is a mirror column and you can see how its shows up in the formula as {item’s Status Per Item}. Hope this helps!

Thanks @andrewalmand I was using this automation. So I needed mirrored column ID Fortunately I could fetch the column ID and my integration worked. Thank you so much! Appreciate your efforts.

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