General Caster Formula referencing Connect Board column

I am trying to build a formula in General Caster (S plan) and need the value in the Project column which is a connect-board column. I can refer to mirror columns from that column but not the column itself - how can I get the item name of the connect-board column value?

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I also have this problem. What I am doing for now is a trash detour, but it does work.

Suppose you have a board “Primary” with column “Link” (which is a connect board column to the board “Secondary”). What you want is to be able to use the name of whatever item you select in “Link” in general caster.

What I do is create a text column in board “Secondary” and use general caster to duplicate the item name to that column. Then make a mirror column in board “Primary” and select the “Link” column when asked to choose a Connect Boards column.

Now you have a mirror column with the name of the item you selected in “Link”, so you can use it in general caster to do whatever you want :slight_smile: