File Gallery Connection Between Subitems / Items

Is there a way to access all files within an item/its subitems from a single subitem? If I was working from the “My work” section on a subitem and needed to see a file from another subitem or the item, expanding the view currently only gives me access to THAT subitem’s file gallery.

Hey Meagan! Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

This isn’t possible at this time but we’d love to better understand your use case or what you’re looking to achieve here so we can suggest a workaround!

Let us know what you think!

Thanks, Charlotte! Currently using boards to manage client work, and each item is a one-time deliverable, while the subitems are stages of that process. Trying to find a way for teams to work out of their my work section of monday with any relevant files available from the file gallery or in the files column; right now in order to ensure the right file is attached, they’ll have to

  1. go digging in Microsoft or
  2. find the right client board, the right item, and the subitem before the one assigned to them that has the file attached in order to make sure they’re using the right file.

Even if there was a way to make a File column at the item level and then mirror that column for every subitem (currently, I believe only the reverse is possible?), that’d be phenomenal.

I would also like something along these lines. We have to reference our survey data in a few places. It would be great to be able to link to a file that already exists on the same or different board. This would ensure we are always looking at the same file regardless of location.