Files Gallery not showing google drive files

Is there a way that the files I am attaching as a google drive link to populate on the Files Gallery?

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Hi @jason_papav - The Files Gallery only displays physical files you have uploaded into a Files column or into an update. It doesn’t display any files that are connected into the system by link. Good idea though!

Thank you. We re trying to have all our companies files in one area and only link stuff of google drive as few organisation users are not part of Monday.

Hey there! With DriveSync integration, you can easily connect your board items and files to Google Drive.
Whenever you create a new item, DriveSync will automatically create a folder for it in Google Drive. Plus, it will make sure that the files from your items get copied into their respective Google Drive folders too.
I hope this will solve your problem.

@PolishedGeek so if I wanted to share a Google Docs and have it be live, that wouldn’t be an option?

Is it not possible to share a live document/sheets with others and have the file show up in the Files Gallery? When I connect a file via google drive, it doesn’t show up in the Files Gallery but when I download the file and then upload it as a word doc it will show up. The HUGE downfall of this is that the document is no longer live, meaning if there are any changes to the document I have to download and then re upload the document again to Monday.