Filler "Person" for a freelancers we don't want as guests on

We use freelancers that we don’t necessarily want to have as guests on Because we have a wide variety of freelancers and we use them intermittently, I’d like to refrain from them being able to see the board where we keep track of them.

So, I’d really like to add a “user” who is just “Freelancer” so I can signify to our crew that this project was a freelance project.

We currently have a status that is “sent to freelancer,” but that isn’t a uniform status among all our boards that can move with pulses. On the other hand, our people column IS uniform among boards. If we had a fake user that isn’t actually associated with an email address, we could easily show that the project was sent to freelance without adding more columns or bogging down our boards with more junk.

If this exists, does anyone know how to use it. If not, it would be awesome if it could. :slight_smile:

I’ve resorted to making several email addresses with various fictitious people’s names and making them all guests. To make things simple their passwords are related to their names. When their accounts are made you can modify the name they will show up as and also give them a suitable icon. Then I have meaningful placeholder people names which I can use as needed in the people column or use to send email notifications to for trying new things out. I find it useful also when making a new board structures or workload views. If you used the people in your team for this kind of experimental work they would get bombarded with useless messages.

Hi @Tricatrica & @JPinBe - Another approach to consider is using an empty Team. You can create unlimited Teams, change the avatars, etc. but they don’t have to have anyone in them or even be associated with an email address. Look under your profile avatar and then click on Teams and see if that’s easier for you.

@PolishedGeek That’s a much better way than the one I suggested. You can see that you have much more experience in Monday than Newbie me :blush:

Thank you both for the ideas! I’ve considering creating email accounts specifically for this purpose, but was trying to avoid it. I may still do it.

@PolishedGeek - Are you able to tag the team in the person/people column? I can’t seem to pull up any of the teams we have created in that column.

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Hi @Tricatrica - If it’s a shareable board, you may need to add the Team as a board subscriber first before you can add them in the people column.

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