Filter by Last Updated Time

I would like to request a feature that will enable us to filter by the time in the Last Updated Time column.

@tipsmotii Hi! I am not sure if this would work for your use case, but I wanted to share a possible workaround. Create an additional view on the board and sort the last updated column and save the sort to the newly created view. I hope this helps!

Lucid Day

Hi @TonyaM . My request is really meant for it to be used in Widgets and Workdocs for quick access. Sorting can help a bit but it still shows all the pulses. The point of filtering is to only see the pulses that are relevant to the filter criteria.

I would like this to create a view where I only see those updated this week, and its driving me mad that I cant, any workarounds for that?

@tipsmotii , @Jemima

One thing that you can do is to add a formula column for filtering. It works best if the result of the formula is string/text values. Then you can add the appropriate filter to the board/dashboard. For example:

IF(DAYS(TODAY(),{Last Updated}) < 7, "THIS WEEK",
IF(DAYS(TODAY(),{Last Updated}) < 14, "LAST WEEK",