Filtering is not working properly for some fields

Hi there, I have recently noticed that some of the filters on the board are not working as expected. The board is used for Sales Prospects updates. All of our sales people are adding prospects thru the week, and there is a weekly call on which changes are discussed. I have added several columns with the idea to filter the data updated during the last week.

  1. “Week column” - where the idea is to filter on last week. However, the filer only allows to filter on: “Today” and “Past weeks” - which actually defeats the purpose of this column.

  2. I have added an “Item last update” column - However, when I want to filter this column, I can only filter per person who has make an update (regardless when).

  3. “Item creation date” - Same situation as point 2.

Is there someone who is facing the same issue? @Monday team :slight_smile: is this expected to be resolved?

Thank you and have a nice Monday!

Hey @Eleonora.

Thanks for your post! I am afraid your observations are known limitations that our team is aware of - I apologise for the setback here. I’ll most definitely note this internally however we do encourage you to upvote the feature request below in the submit an idea section and create a new request for the week column filtering? :pray:

Thanks in advance!