Filters for multiple and/ors

I’m trying to put a specific (non complicated) filter on my dashboard, but it’s not allowing me to do it, unless i’m misunderstanding!

I want:
where STATUS is not Done
AND who impacts contains Pippa
OR (for subfilter)
status is not done
AND who impacts contains Pippa

I can’t put the final AND in…

Hey Lisa,

At this time you can only choose “AND” or “OR” and you cannot have both for different filters. I believe this is where you’re running into some issues here as you trying to sandwich the 2 seperate conditions in seperate filters. I apologise for the setback :pray:

Hello Lisa,
Could you please descibe your use case a bit more? I don’t see a difference in expressions from both side of OR… What is subfilter in your example? (for subitems you mean?)
What are you trying to find with these queries?