Finally, a way to create recurring tasks in!

Greetings friends! In our continuing quest to help you optimise your experience to the max, we’re now proud to bring you Recurring Tasks for Our new app empowers you and your teams to take your use to the next level by accurately reflecting routine or regularly recurring tasks in your boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban, and reports.

Our new app allows you to:

  1. Save time by creating and scheduling recurring tasks: easily schedule repeating items in your board from the side-panel view in a single step.

  2. Accurately reflect recurring tasks in your boards: see repetitive tasks scheduled on your boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban, and reports.

  3. Visibility and control of each recurrence: each recurring item is a native item. So, you can see it in your reports, timelines and everywhere else in that items are used, and edit each task individually. Have more control over scheduling recurring tasks by selecting customisable end dates, repetitions, and working days.

  4. No more workarounds: You no longer have to create recurring tasks manually, use suboptimal automations, or set regular reminders in your calendar. With just one step, you can now have all your recurring tasks show in your boards.

Feel free to download Recurring Tasks and let us know what you think!

Although I appreciate the efforts of app developers, I find it disappointing that a seemingly straightforward function such as setting up a recurring task in a task management program like isn’t already included as a standard feature. Personally, I believe essential functionalities like this should be integral to the base program rather than requiring additional payment.