For a widget, is listening to events not implemented?

When writing a widget, no events come through. Not “new items” and not “change column value”.
I expected events for the selected boards to come through.

Is this a bug on my end, a bug in the sdk, or by design?

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Hey there @anderslyman :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and that’s a great question! This is something that I’ll have to ask the team to confirm for me just to be sure, and as soon as I’ll get further info on this, I’ll get back to you in this thread :slight_smile:


Thanks @AlexSavchuk!

Hey @anderslyman - Daniel chiming in here.

As a quick test I went ahead and added the following event to a project:


I then went ahead and created a widget on a dashboard, and selected two boards for it to pull data from. From the console, we’re seeing events coming through for both new items and changing the column values:


Would you be able to share a bit more information on how you’re trying to achieve this that you are not seeing any events coming through?


Just today I’m seeing these come through (no changes on our end) - not sure what changed but glad it’s working now in any case!

…and, back down. Again, no changes on our side - but I did figure out what the difference is.
When we make a change to an item via our dashboard widget’s code, the event comes through.
When I go to a 2nd tab and change a board item through the standard UI, no events come through.

We have a dashboard widget, and 2 boards selected.
Here’s how we’re subscribed:

this.mondayClientSdk.listen('events', (res: any) => {
      console.log('event', res);

Ah… wasn’t even that.
If you change the name, it won’t get picked up. If you change other columns, those do get picked up. We pretty consistently tested editing pulse name, which is why it never seemed to work. Earlier today, we tested with a different column for a while.

Any way to pick up name changes?