For creating a dashboard widget, ability to select just the group(s) to EXCLUDE

In setting up a timeline widget on a dashboard, in the “Choose the groups you want to see” selector, I would love the ability to invert my selection and select just the group(s) to exclude. That way, when new groups are created in each of the underlying boards, the default would be that they are picked up and included in the dashboard.


I agree-- this would be extremely helpful, as we have a standing group that we want excluded. We want any new groups added to be included, but have to manually add them in each time solely because we want the one group excluded.

When you choose the groups you want to see the information from when first setting up the dashboard widget, the default is all groups and you can uncheck those you don’t want to include. Are you saying that when you add new groups, they don’t get included?

I just tested it and the new group should be included but only on hard refresh. Does that work for you?

Hi Julia, the new group gets included in the list of options but by default is not selected. Ideally, we would want a way for all new groups to automatically be pulled in and selected–but while excluding the top group.

One way to do this would be to invert the selection so that you are allowed to select the groups to “exclude”

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Hi David

I just tested it and you’re right!

I’m going to pass this along as a small feature improvement to the team responsible.

Thanks for pointing that hole out :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Having the option to either a) select those groups to include (and with newly created groups showing in menu but unselected by default) or b) select those to exclude (with newly created groups being added and included in view by default) would make the setup much more versatile.

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