Form for building inspection with photos

We are new to the platform and plan to use it related to real estate. We have a team that inspects our buildings and reports back findings. Would it be possible to use a form or something on here that would allow them to create a form and add pictures and tie it back to a task or building? Preferably in a PDF, but open to ideas.

Hi @georgemaka
I use Kizeo forms connected with monday by for reporting and tracking
Mobile Forms Application to capture data from the field - Kizeo Forms

There is a new-ish integration that connects items to other boards based on similar criteria here:

The one downfall is that it is case sensitive and would require some human entry to make sure that the form and the item criteria is exactly the same.

Hope this helps!

Hey @georgemaka! Let us know at if you still need help with this and we’d be happy to assist! :blush: