Formatting Mapped Dates with

I’m attempting to map a date to a monday date field.

I keep getting this error message:

The operation failed with an error. Function ‘stringifyColumnValues’ finished with error! ‘{“date”:{“date”:“2023-10-27”,“time”:“09:10:00”}}’ is not a valid date.

For troubleshooting purposes, I’ve formatted the JSON in a JSON module. So, the JSON is formatted correctly:

I’m mapping the formatted JSON into the Monday “Create an Item” module:

And here’s the error:

Any help would be appreciated!


I had alot of times, when I have vaild json It dosen’t work when I use the default update column values in, what I do is use the excute GraphQL module and it works.

Hope this helps

Hi Andy,

It doesn’t want a JSON. You can just plug a YYYY-MM-DD date in there for example and it should work fine. If you want to include time, YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm should work.

I’d recommend clicking the link in the module “For information about supported date formats”, which will take you to the relevant documentation.

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