Forms - date field keyboard data entry

I was just submitting an entry in one of our forms, and I had difficulty using the keyboard to navigate between the year, month, and day components of a Date field (YYYY-MM-DD format).

I can type 2022 in the Year portion of the date field but I have to press “tab” to get to the month portion of the field. However, after typing 09 in the Month portion of the field, the cursor automatically jumps to the Day portion of the field, so if I type “tab” again after entering the month (as I had to do after entering the year), my cursor is no longer in the “day” portion of the field but in the next field altogether.

Other examples:
If I type 20220930 or 2022-09-30, I get “202209-03-00”
If I type 2022tab09tab30, I get “2022-09-dd” [cursor is in next field]

It would be nice if there were some consistency to the behaviour within the date field, even if it means that the field is no longer Y10K compliant ;). My preference would be for the cursor to jump to the Month portion of the date field after entering four digits in the Year portion of the field.