Enter date versus scrolling to find date on date picker

It would be great to have the ability to manually enter a date in the date picker column versus having to scroll through the months to find the date needed. At times I am planning 6-12 months in advance, more more, and it is a pain to have to do it for multiple pulses at a time. If I could manually enter the date like most form pages allow, then it would save me time. Please add this feature.

I want this too. We use monday to track our supplier orders. Typically the info we have is x amount of working days from submission of order. It be great to be able to enter x days and have it find the end date by itself. Also be able to toggle to ‘exclude weekends’.

This is so important because it is difficult to enter future dates in a way that does not take a huge amount of time per date entry.

I and my team would also like the ability to directly input the date.

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It is so much slower to have to scroll to dates that are far away. Please add this!

I think they do this, to ensure the date gets entered in properly, without having to provide any data validation. (in case someone enters an illegal character)

But yes, I agree with you - entering a date directly would be nice.

This would be great. Especially with timeline columns!