Forms updating specific columns of specfic items in Account section of the CRM

Hi There

I’m busy building out the Monday CRM to work seamlessly for different departments internally and have come to the conclusion the best course of action for this to work is by having a master Board which holds all account information for all departments. in this case, its going to be the Accounts section.

For context, In each account(item) there will be columns created for specific information that’s relevant to different departments i.e. finance need VAT numbers etc, CS need HR/L&D information. All this essential information can be pulled into the different boards via connection to the Master board for different teams so finance see what they need and CS see what they need.

When onboarding a new customer , we would like for them to fill out a form that they can give us the information that then can populate in the correct columns. The roadblock I’m running into is the when a form is complete it simple creates a new item in the Account section instead of updating a current item because it’s not linked, I can have the dropdown list of Account names in the form we have but that’s exposing our clients to potential clients which can’t happen. is there a way to create forms for specific items so we can send it out to the customer and the information gets automatically populated in the correct columns?

I have seen different comments about super form as an alternative but this seems more of an internal tool for updating columns which isn’t relevant in this case.

Appreciate any feedback from the community and/or team for help on this matter


Hello @SvenVanStaden,

You can use the Duplicates and Uniques merge functionality to update specific columns in your board. Here is a demo of how the app works.

If you have any questions about the app, you can always reach out at