Formula calculations based on pulses within the same columns

I haven’t seen a way where we can create a formula where the same column is used for both pieces of the formula because the pulses create the different values.
Ex- our columns record items we sell and our pulses are for the monthly sales amount. Pulse 1 is Jan 2020 we sold 40 units. Pulse 2 is Feb 2020 we sold 45 units.
We want to add a formula column where it will calculate the monthly change between the 2 months and also every month moving forward. Eventually also get qrtly and yearly % change.
As of right now, I do not know how to create this formula, only calculate this difference if the values are in 2 columns not pulses.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

hey @Annieo - let’s see how the set up on the board can support this use case.

Could you send us a screenshot of your board that you are using and an example of the result that you would like to see?

Please see attached.
What we want is the MOM % column to auto calculate Feb to March change.
Same with Year over year %

I’m trying to do something similar. Hoping your question is answered.