How do I create a formula to compare month on month changes from the same column?

I’m trying to create a formula to tell me the difference between two numbers in the same column but in different rows. Basically each month of data has a row, and one column is the number of followers at the end of each month. I want to create a formula to tell me how many followers have been added in that month (or lost) without having to calculate that in my head. Looking at the formula articles, It seems that I can only do that between different columns, rather than rows.

Can anyone help me work this out?

hi @bfahrer

All formulas, integrations and automations operate on the row and you can’t access information from other rows. This would require a custom app / Make and you need to be able to identify the row holding the “previous month”

Hi @basdebruin

Thanks for the response – it’s what I suspected after looking into things a bit. Good to know that I’m not missing anything!

I’ll have to keep calculating things mentally for now.