Formula Colum ~ Data Output to Variables for use in Pandadocs

I have (2) separate formula columns ~ 1.) calculation is based upon a “Package Fee” multiplied by an “Annual Cola” field to arrive at an increase amount in $ 2.) Takes the increase amount and adds it to the “Package fee” and we end up with a “Year 2 Price” in $. I’d like to take that value and place it in a field in Panda Docs, but I don’t see the formula field available in Panda - Guessing Formula Fields are not movable to Panda? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @dale.fahrney - there are a couple apps out there such as General Caster and Column Magic that allow for you to do formulas/calculations and cast to a local (non-formula) column. This will make it available to PandaDoc.

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Hey @dale.fahrney,

Incase you haven’t already, it might also be worth looking into our external integration with Zapier to achieve this:

I’ve found an integration between PandaDoc and through Zapier here, Connect your to PandaDoc integration in 2 minutes | Zapier.

Hope this helps in some way!

@dale.fahrney GetSign - a eSign solution might be a good alternative for PandDocs integrations since it support Formula columns.
It does not requires complicated Zapier work. Just plug and play and start sending documents for eSigning on in minutes.

See a demo below. We are here for any question.