Pass the data of a formula type column to another panel

Hello, how about someone who knows how to pass the content of a column that has the characteristic of being a formula, that is, create a formula to generate contract numbers, now I want to pass that contract number to another board, when I do the automation no The formula column appears as an option to choose from, do you know how I can do this?

greetings and thanks


This sounds similar to my need! Can’t wait to see if someone has a solution!

The solution I found was to use the integration with General Caster, which is used to make formulas the same way and throws them in a column that can be used to make automations.

Agreed - General Caster is really the only way to do this at present. Monday currently processes formulas in the browser, so the actual values are not stored in Monday - hence they cant be used in automations etc. Hopefully Monday will change this, or provide an additional Formula column where the data is actually stored and therefore can be used in automations, but in the meantime GC does a good job to work around this.

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