Coping Formula value to a different boars/column

Hi community : ) I’m looking for a way to move item with formula column to a different board . is there a way to copy the formula value to a different type of column such as text or number? any creative ideas?
thank you!


monday formula columns are only calculated when displayed and are not available for moves to other boards. Here are some options you could consider:

  1. Move the columns that are used in the formula to the second board and recreate the formula there.
  2. Use General Caster (marketplace app), Integromat, or similar to calculate the value and put it in a “normal” column before moving.
  3. Use Integromat, or similar to perform the move, calculating the formula column(s) in the same step.
  4. Instead of moving, create an item on the second board, linking them and mirror the formula column(s).


Great Thanks!