Copy formula value to numbers column

I have a board for the number of vacation days of the our employees

i have a formula to add 2.5 days each month

but i need when this value change i want to copy it to numbers column in same board

Hi @Waled_alaser !

I would actually suggest using General Caster for this. It works great and I believe (depending on the number of things that you are updating) that you can use the free tier!

Hi There @Waled_alaser,

Another option is to utilize a date driven automation so you can use:

When date arrives (Monthly) and specify the date field (Last Changed Date), then increase/decrease number by value and set Last Changed Date to today.

This way its always updating at the right cadence and you can use the number in a formula of another column based on how much PTO is taken so far.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can introduce the MATCH automation and connect a Employee Directory Board to track requests and total PTO.

Happy to show you examples at any time!

Talk soon!

Milke B
Automation Architect

Hi Jai , Sorry for annoying but can you be more specific which one i should use from general caster ? because i didnt find


Hey Waled, that would be the first one in this list:

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Hi Waled Alaser

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The solution can be achieved using General Caster a 3rd party plugin - (General Caster). The plugin comes with a free plan of 500 operations/month.

  1. Go to Monday marketplace and install the General Caster app and grant necessary access to your workspace.

  2. Use a Date column as a trigger and perform formula in the formula section and cast result to a Number column.

  3. Use one more automation " 1 month after Date arrives Then set Date to today". to keep the workflow in loop automatically.

Happy to help!

Neelam B. consulting

Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 1.26.41 PM
I woud use this one @Waled_alaser

I don’t believe this would work.
General Caster doesn’t read formulas so he wouldn’t be able to even find the column in GC’s recipe.
Any workaround from this?