How to change a formula cell to a number cell

I created a formula and I would like to move the number that is in there to a number cell in another board. How do I do this? I tried making a formula cell in the other board but it doesn’t show that field in the item list.
I also tried copying the cell, but it is still a formula cell and I can not change it to a number cell.

Creating formulas is great, but only if I can acutally use the result as a number.
Would be great if you guys have input on this.

hi @anja,

You can’t change the outcome of a formula column to a number. The formula result is calculated in your browser (front end column) and nothing in monday or a monday app can access that information. It is simply not there. As an alternative you can give the app General caster a try as this calculate formulas in the backend and cast the result to a number column directly.

Thanks Bas. Reading this I came a up with another solution, that might not be as elegant. But I could take all the cells with me, do the formula again and just hide the cells I don’t need. It does blow it up a bit, but in the also does the trick :wink:
But I will try the app first.
Best Anja

General Caster is great but it’s not a viable solution when we have thousands of records to process.