Formula Column - Calculate Using Hidden Columns

Please make an update that would allow for unhidden formula columns to display appropriate calculations even when the formula uses data from columns that are hidden to some board users. The ability to hide columns is very valuable to keep board content focused but it is a gap in functionality that this simultaneously causes errors with the formula column.

Hey Russell,

Are you able to clarify your request a little further? Is it the formula column itself that you’re hiding, or is the issue integrating hidden columns into the formula? I’ve tested the latter on my end, and haven’t run into any issues, so any further context would be great (you’re welcome to share some screenshots!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out. I created a board and there is a formula column titled Animal ID and it uses two text columns in the calculation (Stock Animal Number and Target Study Animal Number). The latter two columns are hidden because I want to limit the number of columns in the board that folks will see. I got feedback from someone who does not have view access to the text column saying that the Animal ID “column “text” doesn’t exist in this board”. I spoke with someone at Monday who specializes in the formula column and they told me that this was expected based on how the hidden columns feature interacts with the formula column.

I would like to see the hidden column feature be better integrated with the formula column.

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Ah thank you for the clarification Russell! I can see that you’ve set viewing permissions on the columns, which will indeed impact the formula column functionality. I apologise for the set back here - let’s keep the votes up to get this on our developers radar :pray: