Help Needed - Formulas Not showing Numbers From Hidden Columns

Hi Monday Community,
I have a board with Formula columns referencing Number columns. I wanted to invite a guest to the board and only display a the Formula columns to him, so I hide each Number column that wasn’t relevant under each Column Preferences. But, now it seems like the formula columns aren’t displaying the right data to the guest because they’re unable to reference the hidden Number columns. All formulas look fine for me, but not for the guest.

Is there a simple way to display the results of the formulas without the number columns visible to guests?

Hi, @NearbyNeighbours - Welcome to the community! To keep sensitive calculations private, you could give the General Caster app a try. You can configure formulas and then push the results back into a numbers column you let Guests see. You can find the General Caster app here: Apps Marketplace

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